Mobile App and Management System

How can Work Wallet help my business?

Complete audit trail of all information & data

Paper based systems are prone to mistakes and hard to access remotely

Provide staff with easy ways to access information

Staff will always have the right and current information on them

Reduce risk and save money through operational efficiencies

A lack of joined up information can make your business vulnerable to accidents and prosecution

Work Wallet for your industry

Work Wallet App Highlights

Work more effectively, with a truly mobile first approach

RAMS Documents

Dynamic Risk Assessments with Real-Time updates provide a highly effective form of key information sharing.

Store all your employees' required ID within the app, ensuring they always have the paperwork required.

Real-Time Cloud Data

Using the power of the cloud, employees have instant access to the full range of documents available within the business.

Accident Reporting

Live information and data shared between many teams allow for quick and quality responses to accident reports.

Link Key Information

Work Wallet's proactive safety manager works powerfully by joining up key pieces of information for your employees.

Clock In / Clock Out

Check-in to a job, with the location verified using location services.

Capture Quality Information

By utlising key functions in the app, staff can submit more accurate reports and information using the camera and other tools.

Vehicle Management

Send mileage logs, service requests, maintenance checks and more, all through the easy to use interface within the app.


  • Basic Plan

  • £ 10 per employee, per month
    • Innovative Mobile App
    • Health and Safety Management
    • Employee Information
    • Vehicle Management
    • Company Information
  • Enhanced

    Most Popular
  • £ 17.50 per employee, per month
    • All features of the Basic plan
    • Clock in / Clock Out
    • Equipment Management
    • Enhanced Reporting
    • Setup Assistance & Support
  • Premium Plan

  • £ 25 per employee, per month
    • All the features of the Enhanced plan
    • Director / Management Reports
    • Certified Employee Verification Checks
    • Premium Setup Assistance & Support

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